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waterloo falls workflow

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

welcome to the first of hopefully many tutorials on thinsite. i often get the same questions from different people so in the spirit of sharing i’m going to offer full disclosure on how some of the images on thinsite are created from beginning to end. bitchin’!

capturing hdr shots
technically, a tripod will make any hdr shot better, but i really hate using a tripod so i’ll often just machine gun it if there’s enough light to handhold three quick shots. in a situation like this there’s no way i could get away with handholding it so out came the tripod and remote. i set my bracket as wide as my camera will go and manually underexposed by a 1 1/3 stops cause in this shot there was only about a half hour left of light and wanted to capture the fact that it was sunset.

overexposed by 1/3 stop
properly exposed
underexposed by 1 1/3 stops
underexposed by 3 stops
some tips:

  • focus lock. don’t trust your camera to focus the exact same between exposures. if you don’t use focus locking then focus once and set your lens to manual focus until you’re done taking all 3 shots
  • shoot in aperture priority. if the depth of field changes from shot to shot then it’s gonna look like bunk.
  • amp that iso. if your underexposed shot is slower than your shutter’s maximum shutter length, then up that iso until it’ll fit within your shutter’s capabilities.

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